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Futurecrypt is the first public service offering time-release encryption. Futurecrypt allows businesses and individuals to encrypt files until a specified date and time. Futurecrypt is commonly used to secure information with sensitive release dates before transmitting to recipients.

Futurecrypt can be used by senders to ensure "do not open until" dates and times are honored. Similarly, Futurecrypt can be used by recipients when collecting time-sensitive materials to diligently observe pledges of privacy.

How Futurecrypt can help you:

Futurecrypt uses secure encryption technology compliant with the OpenPGP standard. Files may be encrypted and decrypted easily using Futurecrypt's website, or they may be encrypted and decrypted offline using Futurecrypt keys.

Futurecrypt Encryption

Futurecrypt Encryption secures digital files so they may be released or transmitted freely. The files cannot be opened until Futurecrypt releases the decryption key at the date and time you specify.

Futurecrypt Decryption

Futurecrypt Decryption reveals the content of secured files only after the specified date and time.

Security you can Trust

For more information, please see our list of Frequently Asked Questions. For details on Futurecrypt's technology, please visit our Technical Details information. Thank you for using Futurecrypt!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Futurecrypt's technology work?
Futurecrypt uses standard public-key cryptography to secure files. A Futurecrypt encryption key is a 4096-bit RSA public key with a designated date and time for decryption. At the specified date and time, Futurecrypt releases the RSA public key's corresponding private key. Each Futurecrypt encryption key can be used to encrypt many documents, each document becoming decryptable at the key's specified decryption date and time.
How Far into the future can I make my decryption date?
Futurecrypt currently supports future decryption dates up to 2 years from today. Demand for more distance dates is being evaluated. Your feedback is appreciated.
Can I use my encryption key for multiple files?
Yes. A Futurecrypt encryption key can be used to encrypt mulitiple files. Each file will become decryptable at the key's specified decryption date and time. Please note, if you wish to revoke an encryption key, it will block the decryption of every file encrypted with the revoked key. Also, keys are issued on a per-company (or per-individual) basis and should not be shared. Please contact us for more information.
Can files be decrypted early?
No, Futurecrypt's security architecture disallows the early release of decryption keys.
Is Internet access required to encrypt and decrypt files?
Internet access is required to access Futurecrypt encryption and decryption keys, however the encryption and decryption processes may take place offline.
What software do I need to encrypt/decrypt offline?
Futurecrypt supports the use of GNU Privacy Guard also known as GnuPG.

Technical Details

Prices Based on Future Decryption Date

Time to Future Decryption Date
Up to 1 week Up to 1 year Up to 2 years
Encryption Key $10.95 $19.95 $49.95
Revocation Feature $19.95 at time of key purchase, $49.95 later
Decryption Key Decryption Keys and Services are Free